Want free monthly resources for greater resilience and professional success?

Want free monthly resources for greater resilience and professional success?

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About Toni

The short version…

  • Qualified with a four-year degree in psychology: the first three years from University of Newcastle (1987), completed at the University of Wollongong (2000). Specialised in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Diploma in hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy in 2014
  • Statements of attainment in various additional therapies: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (2009), Compassion Focussed Therapy (2019), Internal Family Systems (2020), Progressive Counting (2020)
  • Worked as psychologist at a juvenile detention centre in NSW in 2001, a TAFE NSW teacher in community services 2005-2014, an EAP provider in 2011-2012, a TAFE counsellor in 2013-2014, In private practice since 2013 and as a counsellor for a large NGO since 2019.

The slightly longer version…

Like you, I have a passion for helping others. That passion has, at times, seriously worn me down when I gave too much without taking care of myself.

When I was a psychologist in a juvenile detention centre I worked myself into a state of compassion fatigue and to escape it, took a promotion that derailed my career. Bad decision.

So I learned the value of self compassion the hard way. Now, 20 years on, I am bringing my motivation, my love of fellow professional caregivers, and my expertise to you.

You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did!

I now know the early warning signs, the corrective actions I need to take, and the work and living conditions that suit me best. I know when to speak out, and when to turn inward. Most of the time.

I now know and accept the inner parts of me that strive, love, hate, and fear. I am better understanding how my very human brain works, in all its wondrous complexity and everyday madness.

And I want this for you too. The work you do is sacred and valuable to our community. I want you to know yourself and embrace your strengths, move past your barriers, and continue to live a conscious, values-centred life.

This knowledge, acceptance and action create the conditions for offering true presence for your clients.

This is the beginning of truly exceptional work.

About Toni, Toni Knight

It’s vital that we support each other in this important work. We need to know that we are heard, understood and accepted in our struggles, because struggle is sometimes a part of our intensive caring work.

We need to give ourselves permission and opportunity to rest, play, and connect as a priority. Not merely when time permits, nor when all the work is done.

We need to forgive ourselves when we stuff up, or just don’t get the results we hoped for. We don’t have all the answers, and we certainly can’t control what others choose to do. We need to simply learn, and move on.

We can also connect deeply with that matters most to us, regardless of what other people choose for themselves. We can live an abundant, meaningful life in that space.

I am still developing all these learnings and more as I grow on my journey. My passion is to share what I have learned with you, so that you can share your healing presence with others.

I prioritise compassion, community, curiosity, courage and comedy in my life. What about you? What lights your fire?

Get in touch by phoning me on 0406 882 456 or via the contact box at the bottom of this page and let me know about you, and what you think you need next to further your journey.

If I have anything I can offer you, then because you reached out, I’ll pass it on.