Want free monthly resources for greater resilience and professional success?

Want free monthly resources for greater resilience and professional success?

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For leaders of compassionate professionals

On this page I describe my three specialist programs for helping you to manage burnout and compassion fatigue for yourself and your people:

The Compassionate Professional – my comprehensive flagship burnout and compassion fatigue management program

The Compassionate Professional Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service – individual, confidential counselling and coaching available both in person and online.

The Compassionate Professional Reflective Practice Program– an individual or small-group experience whose goal is to maintain the highest levels of self awareness for avoiding self-care obstacles and maintaining professional presence and effectiveness. Available in-person or online.

I will also answer some of your most pressing questions:

Why bother investing in burnout and compassion fatigue at all?

How can I be sure that your programs will do what they promise? 

Why should I trust you to help in the task of managing compassion fatigue and burnout for my people, Toni?

Why invest in managing burnout and compassion fatigue?

  • Impact: Compassion fatigue (CF) is a type of psychological injury that costs Australian organisations more than $6 billion per year in lost productivity. CF results in an increase in unplanned absences from work, higher staff turnover, withdrawal and presenteeism, and poor work quality.
  • Legal requirements: Under the WHS Act, leaders have a duty to protect workers from psychological risks as well as physical risks.
  • Legacy: You facilitate the precious gift of compassion satisfaction for your peopleThis gift pays forward, through workers who are transforming your clients’ lives.
  • Values: Empowering others is what you and your organisation do. This is work with  This program will free your people to do what matters, in ways that fulfill their mission and your commitment to your vision. Solid gold.
The Compassionate Professional Program

The Compassionate Professional is a complete program for the prevention and treatment of compassion fatigue and burnout. It consists of:

1. A full-day workshop that can be completed in one day or in segments over two or more days.
2. Confidential pre-workshop testing for CF symptoms
3. An online post-workshop course to reinforce existing learning and introduce new material
4. Post-workshop support online
5. Confidential post-workshop CF testing after 3 months
6. A monthly newsletter that further reinforces learning and provides the latest resources and information (curated and summarised) on professional resilience, effectiveness and fulfilment for human service professionals

Why is this program uniquely effective?

  • This program is targeted: The program is designed specifically for therapists, healers and caseworkers of all types. The examples used in the program reflect the challenges and joys of this work. I have 30 years of experience in this field as a practitioner and a teacher of these professional skills.
  • This program can be made bespoke: To suit your team’s individual challenges and needs. Content, examples and activities can all be tailored for maximum engagement and utility
  • My approach is holistic: Managing CF and burnout is not just about kale and bubble baths. An effective solution needs to address mental, emotional, social, professional and physical needs. You get the lot here.
  • There is an emphasis on learning for transformation: Too many programs are content heavy. Let’s face it, our heads are already full and we are unlikely to remember much when we really need it. I have simplified the information for maximum clarity, memorability, and utility. There are handy checklists, diagrams and reference guides for later use. The ongoing information and support also keeps it fresh.
  • Participants will develop their own blueprint to address their individual needs: The accompanying program workbook is designed to guide your people to create their own plan for managing CF. No two journeys are the same!
  • Your people will be active during the workshop: building community, connecting to values, practicing new soothing strategies, creating helpful pre-session rituals, and working with their inner parts. And that’s not all of the action…
  • Participants will be challenged to transform: Ultimately, this is about being sustainably self-compassionate. I will show your people how great life is on the other side of committing to personal and professional flourishing. In deeds, not just in words.
  • Support, support, support: I will ensure that your team has everything they need to take their wellness and professionalism to the highest level. There is a lot of support available for those who are willing to commit to change.
  • Passion: Yes, your team are my people. This is my mission. The work we do matters to a lot of vulnerable people who need us. And we owe it to them, as well as to ourselves, to do this work well and do it sustainably.
Questions that will be addressed in The Compassionate Professional Program

What is burnout and CF and how do you know if you have it?

What are the factors that can trigger burnout or CF for you personally?

What thinking styles can put you at risk?

Why do you keep sabotaging your efforts to change?

What is your responsibility for creating a healthy, productive workplace?

What is a ‘micro-world’ and why is it important to create one?

What are the best strategies for grounding and self-soothing to reduce stress and overwhelm?

What is your new take on creating a healthy lifestyle? (Because we already know what we should be doing!)

What is the most effective way to support each other in the workplace?

How can you ensure that this plan is relevant to you, memorable, and can be action-ed for the long term?

You are in safe hands!

I am qualified with more than 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and presenter in private practice, and government and non-government organisations.

I guarantee that you will be delighted with what you learn and how you are supported. If I cannot do this, I will give you your money back. So there is no risk to you. 

It’s either a delight, or it’s free. Reasonable?

Still not sure about this stuff? I get it, you have to weigh things up. Give me a call and let’s chat about it. Call me on 0406 882 456 or use the contact box below to email me.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Why have an EAP?

Having an EAP for your people makes good business sense

Why have me, Toni Knight, as your EAP provider?

I am qualified and experienced – a four-year degree in psychology, diplomas in hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy, and more than 20 years of counselling experience
I have expertise in burnout and compassion fatigue – Having experienced it myself; through extensive and ongoing research; through teaching welfare students for nearly 10 years; and through providing my comprehensive burnout and compassion fatigue program. Few counsellors are aware of the relevant factors and treatments.
I have a long history in working with professional caregivers (30+ years) – I understand the unique challenges and dynamics of intense client work in rapidly evolving workplaces often characterised by funding shortages, high service demands, time limits, and interpersonal tensions.
My services are bespoke and comprehensive – My services to you are individually tailored, and can include a range of mental health solutions and supports if you choose. This can include workshops and programs, ongoing online and phone support, and consulting services.
I stand behind my name and reputation – You can talk to me personally, rather than trying to navigate a nameless, faceless production line of counselling services.
I am flexible about how your plan works – Whether you prefer a monthly agreed rate or to ‘pay as you go’, we can work something out that you will be happy with.

You can think of me as a partner in maximising the ongoing wellbeing of your team. I guarantee you will be impressed with the results.
The Compassionate Professional Reflective Practice Program

In blocks of six monthly sessions of 1-2 hours (in-person or online), your people will discuss, create and implement their own individualised plan for building and sustaining wellness, resilience and effectiveness.

This is a transformational journey with a dedicated workbook, online support and opportunities for discussions between sessions.

Remember, you will either be truly impressed by the results, or my service will be free.

Please get in touch to find out more by calling me on 0406 882 456 or using the contact box at the bottom of this page to email me.